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Meet your Race Directors


The people handling the day to day operations of the Capital to Coast Relay is Clint & Brandie Henderson.   Clint and Brandie live in Tyler, TX with their 3 kids.   

 The Campus to Campus Relay is being done by both Clint Henderson as well as Robert Gonzalez.   Robert has been a running enthusiast and relay runner for over a decade plus.   Many know him from his running group, I Ran with Robert.  He is the main point person in the city of Austin.


 All 3 have a variety of experience both in sports event management as well as participating in:         Runs, Adventure Races, Relay Races, Triathlons, Biking Races, Road Races, etc.    


Clint was formally the National Event Manager for USA Rugby and for several years successfully ran all 22 of their National Championship Events.  He is also a former college and high school wrestling coach, and now he operates his own business, Every Brand Apparel. He is also an "everything sports" guy, an avid runner, biker, and triathlete. 


Please email or call or write to the information below.

Clint Henderson, Race Director  903-941-0330

Brandie Henderson, Race Director  512-565-9570

Robert Gonzalez, Race Director  210-646-4669

Contact email:




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