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11th Annual Capital to Coast Relay Race Information


DATE: October 18-19, 2024


NUMBER OF TEAMS:   Race will cap at 100 teams for the 11th annual. (We will note on site when we are full)  We are expecting about 100 teams for the 11th Annual.


DISTANCE OF THE RACE:    223 miles – THE LONGEST relay race in Texas


START - AUSTIN, TX (Downtown Austin -location TBD on the UT Austin Campus)

FINISH - Corpus Christi, TX (USS Lexington on the Beach)


START TIMES:   4am – with waves of teams leaving every hour or few hours after.   Teams will leave based on their 10K times, with the faster teams starting later and the slower teams going first so that all finish around the same time.  


END OF RACE: 7pm on Saturday, October 19, 2024.  This will account for a 10 min/mile pace for a team that starts at 4am on Friday, they will still make it in time.   All teams must be able to finish the race in under 38 hours. (If you are going to be slower, let us know :)  


COST: $1200 per team, must be ONE check (or Credit Card) for the entire team.


SANCTIONING BODY / INSURED:  The Capital to Coast Relay is sanctioned and insured through USA Track and Field.


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES:  Contact us to see how you can sponsor and have your company participate.


REGISTRATION:  Starts March 1, 2023 until we reach 100 teams (max for 11th Annual).   Registration page is on the website.


LEG RATINGS:   Based on elevation change and distance. (ranging from easy, moderate, moderately hard, hard)


CATEGORIES:   8 categories to compete in.

Mens –Open  - this must be all men, or are more men than women.

Womens -Open  - must be all women.

Mixed -Open - at least 1/2 of the team must be women.

Hero  - Any Fire, Police, Military, or ROTC group, can be any mix and any age, but half must be Firemen, Policemen, Military, or ROTC.

Collegiate - Can be all one gender, or a mix team, must be half registered members of that college, junior college, or community college.

Ultra - team of 6.  Can be any mix of male or female.

Solo - team of 1 CRAZY individual who is up for the most ultimate of challenges!!


AVG. TEMP in TEXAS DURING RACE:    Avg. High of 82.1.    Avg. Low of 60.   64% of sunshine.


AWARDS: Top 2 teams in each category, Best Decorated Van, Most Original Team Name, among others.


WHAT WILL EACH MEMBER OF THE TEAM RECEIVE: High Performance Apparel piece, race bib number, and a Finishers Medal for all team who finish in allotted time.


TEAM REQUIRED MATERIALS:   2 reflective vests per van (4 total), 2 flashlights or headlamps per van (4 total).


TIMING SYSTEMS: All teams will be timed based off of their start time complete thru to their finish time.   We will have the teams timed with a CHIP TIMER, all teams will be monitored and timed by these official chips thru ATHLETE GUILD.   Official time will be kept by the Capital to Coast Relay Staff.


RULES FOR NIGHT RUNS: From 7pm until 7 am, all runners must run with both a reflective vest, and either a flashlight or headlamp. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is for your safety.   Vans are not permitted to travel behind the runner to illuminate the road.


CAPTAINS PACKET:   All the captains will receive and entire packet of complete rules and regulations, penalties, activities, releases, etc.   These will be sent off to you 6 weeks before the race. Please pass on all information to the entire team and make them aware of rules and regulations.


RACE GEAR:   All runners will be required to have their race bib number visible at all times as well as their wrist bracelet.   From 7 pm to 7am, runners will also have to have on a reflective vest and a flashlight or headlamp. NO EXCEPTIONS.

To see a list of the best races in TX (besides us of course)  - click here on this link 


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